Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Babe of the Week!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Change Of Pace

Moving into a new system has a new set of challenges, of course! We don't like to stay in just one system for a extended period of time, moving around seems to keep things a little more interesting. As you know we moved to yvangier, a system shared with the blood money cartel. We'll just a few jumps over bases a very large corp, Invicta. They house a large capital fleet, among a 100+ player base.

These guys have been around the block! I have lived in this area before, and they have been in FW, cry havoc, 0.0, and now they are back in FW. I don't know much about these guys, but they like playing station/cyno games.
They send a neutral young player in a cyno ship of some type, usually a BC. Get pirates to engage it on a station while there blob is sitting in muerthand on station waiting. What happens? Cyno gets lit!
1) Well if you engage it in anything less than a capital, they will jump Black Ops through and then use they jump portal to send a fleet of bombers/recon ships through to gank you.
2) If you engage in a carrier or other capital ship they jump a blob of dreads through to gank you.
So basically they have a blob sitting on station while they send there cyno alts around baiting, hoping for a capital, but willing to jump almost anything.

Skira Ranos
Not much to say here. But this dude has serious issues with this game. We didn't say much to him or his corp when we moved in, moved into a different station. But he convo'd Spec and asked us to move or else basically so we kinda started a little war with him. No biggie, its just a game. We are both pirate corps! He has admitted(well he said it was "his members", yet he was the only one in the system) he has called invicta to come attack us, chicken shit. But that's not so bad, just being a pussy.
THIS is the real kicker, I don't give a rats ass what he calls me in game, I'm a griefer in game sure, whatever, but he is a fucking pirate whining about being griefed? Pussy! But him calling me a griefer out of game? What in the fuck dude? You are whining about the attention yet you are asking for it! I would like to know why you think we are griefers out of the game? As far as I'm concerned that is 100% carebear tears!

Oh and Skira, fyi. Griefer
Would appear to mainly exist just in a virtual/online world. And if it concerns you so much, I am married, 30 years old, have 2 young kids, work as a systems engineer for a computer company full time. I work all day, come home, feed the kids, spend some time with the family, and play eve online among other things(none of which are "griefing").
I don't know about my corpmates, but since you know so much about our real life(and it must matter to you), you already know this about me! Oh and btw, I'm a Saints fan! Who Dat!