Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Babe of the Week!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Change Of Pace

Moving into a new system has a new set of challenges, of course! We don't like to stay in just one system for a extended period of time, moving around seems to keep things a little more interesting. As you know we moved to yvangier, a system shared with the blood money cartel. We'll just a few jumps over bases a very large corp, Invicta. They house a large capital fleet, among a 100+ player base.

These guys have been around the block! I have lived in this area before, and they have been in FW, cry havoc, 0.0, and now they are back in FW. I don't know much about these guys, but they like playing station/cyno games.
They send a neutral young player in a cyno ship of some type, usually a BC. Get pirates to engage it on a station while there blob is sitting in muerthand on station waiting. What happens? Cyno gets lit!
1) Well if you engage it in anything less than a capital, they will jump Black Ops through and then use they jump portal to send a fleet of bombers/recon ships through to gank you.
2) If you engage in a carrier or other capital ship they jump a blob of dreads through to gank you.
So basically they have a blob sitting on station while they send there cyno alts around baiting, hoping for a capital, but willing to jump almost anything.

Skira Ranos
Not much to say here. But this dude has serious issues with this game. We didn't say much to him or his corp when we moved in, moved into a different station. But he convo'd Spec and asked us to move or else basically so we kinda started a little war with him. No biggie, its just a game. We are both pirate corps! He has admitted(well he said it was "his members", yet he was the only one in the system) he has called invicta to come attack us, chicken shit. But that's not so bad, just being a pussy.
THIS is the real kicker, I don't give a rats ass what he calls me in game, I'm a griefer in game sure, whatever, but he is a fucking pirate whining about being griefed? Pussy! But him calling me a griefer out of game? What in the fuck dude? You are whining about the attention yet you are asking for it! I would like to know why you think we are griefers out of the game? As far as I'm concerned that is 100% carebear tears!

Oh and Skira, fyi. Griefer
Would appear to mainly exist just in a virtual/online world. And if it concerns you so much, I am married, 30 years old, have 2 young kids, work as a systems engineer for a computer company full time. I work all day, come home, feed the kids, spend some time with the family, and play eve online among other things(none of which are "griefing").
I don't know about my corpmates, but since you know so much about our real life(and it must matter to you), you already know this about me! Oh and btw, I'm a Saints fan! Who Dat!

Monday, November 30, 2009

2 carriers 1 system

We have decided to take a corp vacation to Yvangier since the whole Amamake area has become horribly blobby(Yes I know Amamake is blobby, but the surrounding systems have gotten much worse =P), and we seem to be having more fun in the essence & verge vendor areas now(Old Man Star area). So yesterday I finally got all the stuff I was going to move from egg to yvan, moved, moved! It turns out the Blood Money Cartel lives in the same system and are a little larger corp/alliance than us, but would appear to bring some good fights. Unlike DT. So far they don't just smack in local with their numbers and from my experience in EVE, I have no bad feelings towards BMC. In fact I think there CEO has done some good things for newer players as far as getting them started in piracy & PVP. So I look forward to some good fights with them and possible working with them to bust some FW losers!

Spec decided on BC roam with a rapier scout.
It was overall empty until we got into Dantumi, we found a couple a caracals jumping a myrmidon, so we decided to crash there party. Next we sent Necio the rapier pilot into Auro, the original stomping grounds of Python. The second he jumped in he said he had a carrier on scan's and no POS's. Then he said, "this fucking carrier is in a belt, i'm warping in". The next thing I remember is he had a point and we were warping to him. TBH, we didn't think about what we were doing and after we started killing all his fighters, we realized we didn't have enough DPS to break his tank, or if we did, we would run out of ammo. So we started calling for backup. IEATCRAYONS was able to reach former PC member, Lady Thanatos. LT brought his corp and friends with assorted BS's & BC's. Finally we had the DPS to bring the carrier down.
Unfortunately once the carrier hit deep armor the pilot decided to activate his self destruct! We had 2 minutes to kill him! I personally thought we were screwed out of another carrier kill! But I know within the last 10 seconds or so, he went BOOM! Spec tried to talk him out of self destructing, but he would not budge. We were very lucky, one ship less and we may have missed out. Big thanks to LT and friends for there help. Only 14 ships to kill a carrier!

2 carriers 1 system
But you said 2 carriers! Yea, we only killed one last night. But one of the first few days I was in PC. I logged in and saw one of the local pirate corps in our public channel screaming that a chimera was sitting on the Korama gate in Auro, any python members available with a BS? Me being a noob to piracy, I said, yup. Well a few minutes later, I had my cherry popped with a carrier kill.

So, yup, I LOVE AUROHUNEN!! 2 carriers 1 system!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im Back!!

Well, technically Ive been back for a couple of weeks. =P
What am I talking about? Well I took a break from the lame and boring(still is) game EVE online, for a couple of months.


Well for one, the game was getting boring. It supports blob tactics, and the area we live in has to be the worst for it. Minmatar FW and Amarr FW have to be the worst FW groups in the game. I use to live in Gallente & Caldari FW space, and very rarely would you find them blobed up. Oh not in this area, these guys won't leave the station without holding hands.. Pathetic. So anyways, I needed a break, I wanted to spend more time with my wife and kids anyways.


So I sold a alt and bought a couple of GTC's to try out dominion. I know its not here yet, but I wanted to get a feel for the game before it was released. I come back to a pretty inactive corp! Everyone has started playing L4D2, Borderlands, and Dragon Age. I have considered getting L4D2 or Borderlands, but money is tight with 2 kids and the usual bills, so $50+ video games are a EXTREME luxury!

Other Shit

Anyways it kinda sucks logging in and seeing 1 or 2 people in corp, and topping that off we had a huge fail pirate alliance move into egghelende, Dead Terrorists. You gotta love them, we have about 40 people in corp, only 1 or 2 online at a time, yet they will smack us to fight there 20+ in local. I usually undock and look for probes, and if I see they are probing a missioner. I make some comment in local "attention missioners, bad guys are probing you out!", they get really pissed and call me a fail pirate. But hey, if I can't have they kill neither can they! =P Plus I get some pirate tears out of it too, because these dudes have some serious e-peen issues!! See this locked forum post for more proof of there epeen issues, it really is a sad sad thing~~> Post.

No I'm not whining, these dudes have not been a problem for me (My Kills Against Them), I don't hug egghelende, personally I hate being stuck to one system. And since its so bad with FW around here, I can't take my cruiser out(this game really sucks!), I have been roaming in my jag ALOT lately!! A ship I NEVER, EVER, EVER, flew until we moved to egghelende! But its a fun ship, tough, and fairly cheap for the damage/toughness combo! My Ships/Weapons Only 13 kills with a Jag.. =(


Since Spec is not running for CSM anymore, I have thrown my 2 votes to Alekseyev Karrde, I believe he the is best choice for low sec, and if anyone else did throw any support for low sec, I think they would not carry it out. I know Alek has fought in small gang PVP, from my merc days, and he is a good guy. My old buddys in Duty. always had alot of respect for Alek and Noir, and that has some weight on my decision. Good Luck Alek!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Its a TARP!!!!

Since we moved into egghelende, I have noticed more "traps". Probably because it is a busier system, but it has seemed to pick up as of late. Personally I think they are targeting us, the lemmings, The Python Cartel!! Awww shucks.
Well, we kinda asked for it I guess, with all of the posts on the eve-o forums and the blogs, but whatever..
So why am I writing this you ask? Because I just happen to have a little experience with TARPS, I spent a few months in high sec wars/Merc work after I left The Tuskers. And that is pretty much how it works out there, WT's won't fight unless they know they will win, so you have to bait/trap/catch them!!!

So here is my little guide to busting there TARP(for pirates mainly)!!!

Foster's Basic Trap Survival Guide

Use common sense, if you think it's a trap it more than likely is a trap. This is your best defense!!!

The top belt is not your friend!! IE: Drakes, Omens, Caracal, etc. just sitting in the top belt of a POPULAR system is something to be suspicious of, even if they are in a noob corp. Anti-pirates, Russians, FW, LOVE this tactic!! Those are the commonly used ships for bait, and this is a hard call. Just always be cautious of the top belt in Amamake, Old Man Star, Tama, and Mara to name a few.

The Station Check! I just have to explain this one, lol. IE: If your sitting in station, pretty much alone or with a few corp m8's, you see a new red or neutral in local, he hangs out for a little while, next thing you know he docks in your station, then immediately undocks, that is a red flag, he is looking for you or trouble. Personally I love this lame ass tactic, it is so old and only the weak fall for it. OK here is the scenario, if he is sitting on the undock, he is the bait/scout, and will engage anyone who undocks, why? because he has a blob sitting on the other side of a gate somewhere close.
The best way to bust his plan is have a corp mate undock in a battleship or hic, something with a strong tank. Check the station, if he is there and aggresses, just have him redock. You jump into a fast HAC, a vaga is perfect, both you and your m8 undock at the same time, another corp m8 makes this even better(confuses him). But yall must undock togather! Have all of your m8's ONLY LOCK HIM!! When you undock, ONLY YOU blast your MWD, get out of his point range, and AGRESS HIM!! Nobody else!! He will then think he is under attack and call in his blob, have your gang dock and you warp off to a short range safe. Check your scans to see what his blob consists of, because you have just foiled his little trap. They will call you pussys, fail, etc. in local because you have sprung there trap and gotten away. But you and your corp mates can lulz at there fail for calling in the gang, because he had nothing!!!

The WTF?! Yea, the WTF.. When you are sitting on station in a battlecruiser with 5+ corp mates in local and 3 y/o player in a cruiser warps to the station and aggress you.
Yes he could be a complete moron and want to lose his ship, but the chances are he has a gang somewhere close and they want to gank the fuck out of you, and that little cruiser you think you can gank, is a TARP!!!
Personally I would not engage a equal aged hurricane in my ruppy, I know it would rip my ruppy a new asshole. This kinda goes back to #1, common sense. I have seen these situations where just a logistics show up, but I have too often seen a blob. Use your head.

Named Ships. Be careful with named ships. Just because you see LittleBilSmith's Caracal in 4-2 with one Hobgob I and some rat wrecks, don't assume its a noob. FW love doing this to bait with. A) Check and see if there is even a littlebilsmith in local, if there is not, 100% bait, if he is in local, check the toon. If its a FW player, its more than likely a trap. If it really is a caldari toon, and is old enough to fly a caracal, I would go kill him.

Known Blobbers! This should probably be up the list higher, but it also is more along the common sense line. DUH.. You know these assholes blob! I really love when they say they are alone too.
Example: Before we moved into egg, we passed thru amamake to go to egg. Apparently we had been spooted by wanna be pirates in amamake, heretics. They sent some bait into egg, he immediately went to a belt and started smacking in local that he was alone and we were pussy's, etc. We knew better, he wouldn't fight 5 of us by himself in a bc, so we sent a scout in a ceptor to seiside, sure enough they had another ship sitting on the gate with another 8 or so in local.

This is guide is just to give you some common bait/trap tactics used, there are many more used. Common sense is best tool, and experienng is also nice.ce. You cannot avoid them all, but if you get caught try to minimize your losses and know your enemy is weak, and will not fight without superior numbers.
Sometimes you will find bait ships to simply get a fight, but it is rare these days.
I hope it could be of some help and may get you out of a bad situation.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Whats up?

Well I was going to post about the Kenny assassination, but since Spec and the rest of my corp mates summed it up pretty well, I will leave it alone. Actually, I had started writing about it and just didn't have the time to finish.

But anyways, Egghelende, so we have moved into egg. Since we set a campaign on our KB, EP has done the same. So, I have also done the same on mine. AND we have drastically affected there kills in Egg, and boosted ours. LOL!
Egg is a funny place, pretty much everyday when I log on, there is some kinda smack in local between somebody, mostly us and EP. I think it's funny as hell how some corps have strick rules on letting there corp members even talk in local, much less smack. Python is pretty lax on this, why? BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!! JESUS!! Really, some corps want people to act professional, serious, honest.. Really? Is that fun? Nope.

But Python is a pretty layed back have fun bunch. Personally I don't know much about Ken Plante, I have heard him on our vent a few times in the past and have talked with some of his past/current members. He does seem like a dick in game, tells people what skills to train, ships to fly, how to fit them, etc. I guess that is how some people get there virtual power trip. I dunno, don't care.
I think he has standing corp orders not to engage us unless he is online to FC. We(me, felix, and skye) busted big mouth Mash and JR while they were fighting a little gang in a Safe Spot yesterday. The little gang ran, so I chased Mash in his cane until he ran out of cap, then he ran. Even though I was pulled away from my gang, I still wanted to catch his ass. Mostly because I saw he was in a nano shield cane, and if I would have caught that fail fit piece of shit, I would have ripped it apart in my armor cane. Oh well, we got some tears in local for busting up there party.
Other than capital docking games, this is about all the action we have gotten out of EP. I'm sure that will change, they are not stupid, they pick there fights well and are just waiting till they are 100% sure they will win.
But not the Lemmings.. We fight because we think we can and we are LEMMINGS!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why do I have a Broadsword?

So Why? I have a story first..
Just the other day in gulm I undocked my broadsword, usual procedure when I plan to gank some noob who docks in my station without the proper authorization, he must pay the penalty. I gank them all, whether its a noobship or a hauler. They all have the possiblity for hate mail, or anything.
[19:07:18] Luc Don > I'm actually hunting Bfoster. He just killed my Mammoth.

Back to the subject, why have a broadsword asks a corp mate? This is not 0.0, you can't pop a bubble. True I said..

Well, I will point you first to this post in C&P on the EVE-O forums. Post
This carebear thinks you need +2 warp stabs in low sec/0.0. And just the other day me, Felix, and Lach were hunting in Amamake. Not once but twice we missed targets because they were stabbed. Thus making the broadsword a valuable asset.

Second, the tank..

Third, Wormholes.. 0.0 access in empire, with carebears. Enough said.

Now I will point you to my killboard, Ships & Weapons Used , almost 80 kills with the broads, and only lost one(knock on wood). Loss was a tarp in a wh, but was fun as hell.
All high/low sec/wh kills. 80-1 for a ship that has had its use questioned! Not too bad..

I have caught a many stabbed ships with it, many of them bragging they are stabbed. The extended point range is also a huge bonus. So, how could a pirate NOT love a ship with a extended infinite point, and a super tank?

Note: This post was simply to publicity show my love for my broadsword, I love you baby. May we have a long relationship.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Babe of the Week! #3

Guess what, its FRIDAY!!! And time for the babe of the week.. (why do I think this is the only reason why you horny pervs visit my blog?) Ne ways, enjoy Justene Jaro!
On a side note I canned Intense Debate comments, sorry. They were broke.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

EVE fishing? Rant warning..

It was a few days ago I logged into the station in gulm as usual. Gulm is a fairly quite system, which I like. Around it is not!
Amamake is blob land, mostly non-blinkys that don't know the meaning of solo pvp live in there and think they are hot shit. They stick a bait ship in a belt hoping a pirate(who is usually alone or has very little backup)will attack him so they can gank him, ultimately boosting there e-peen.
Most of the time it is FW players, because I have learned Minmatar/Amarr FW don't plex?, so I ask why? There usual answer, "we were waiting for a fw gang, you showed up at the wrong time"(Just be honest and say we are dumb fucks who don't know shit, but yes fc, orbit, f1, f2, f3, etc).
Whatever, FW fights do not usually occur in belts, they occur on gates and in fw plex's(but they don't plex). I spent alot time in Caldari/Gallente FW space, and those guys actually plexed, and I very rarely found ANY of them "baiting" in a belt, with a blob on standby. I did find large gangs on gates often, but I never found them baiting in a belt. This not only happens in Amamake, but the surrounding systems, which sucks! Because you see a ship in a belt, a reasonable amount of people in local, and you want to move in for the kill. BOOM, local spike, is it just the random fw gang passing by or is it bait? Its bait, shit.. GTFO.. Too late.. Pod time.. Lame..

Another occurrence, which was too obvious, me and a couple of corp m8's were sitting in station when a hostile pilot from a neighboring system came into local and docked with us. He immediately undocked, knowing this guy is not a hauler, I smelled something "fishy". I had also noticed a few unfriendly pilots quickly pass through local just a few minutes earlier, also indicating trouble. Lilly said that he was going to undock his domi to check it out and I promptly told him not to return fire if fired upon, that this smelled of a trap.
Sure enough he was sitting outside station in a mega waiting for us, he promptly locked Lilly and opened fire, Lilly docked right up as I told him too. I have seen this too many times in high sec wars. So I undocked my vaga, Lilly undocked right behind me. I smashed my microwarp drive the instant I undocked and locked him when I hit 50km, and engaged!
My 220mm Vulcan Autocannons rained fire on him for 0 damage!
Nope, he was not blinky and nope Lilly did not engage, I was under sentrys but this is exactly what I wanted. Being the poor bait that he was, he called in his troops, I laughed, why? Because I was 50km away in a vagabond and Lilly was safe on the station and had not engaged. He had NOTHING!! What a moron! Sure enough multiple battleships/battlecruisers arrived to find Lilly docking and me leaving safely. Smack commenced in local after I lol'd @ them. We killed nothing but I got much satisfaction knowing that I had pissed on the hornets nest and didn't get stung.

Why do I bring this up? This seems to be the constant in eve now, bait with a noob corp player, or sit solo in a belt alone, bring in the blob to gank... But its like fishing, if the bait is tasty enough, you will get a bite.. So is it win? Does everyone really think need to bait to get a fight? Or is it just the area? You decided.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Babe of the Week! #2

Since im late, you get 2 pics.. And good ones I think.. Enjoy beautiful Nina Crewson..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carebear for life

I was off work yesterday so I logged on a non-usual time for me, around 3pm my time? Dunno. No biggie.. Saw a couple of neutrals in system and a 1 month old dock in station just as I logged on, I said humm, these dudes usually are running indys im gonna undock my broadsword and gank his ass. I hope in my broads and undock. Do my usual 360 scan and see a cyclone on scan with 3 hammerhead 1's. Humm. Narrowed him down to a mission and relayed it to my corp m8's, they said he has been in and outta gulm all day doing missions. I say to myself, ya'll have permitted this carebear shit to go on, well not on my watch!

I dock the Hictor up and grab my buzzard and get to probing , I spread my probes and scan. After a few min's probing I get a hit and warp my fleet to the target. Why? I'm in a buzzard? We'll I have lost targets by a matter of minutes before, so I'll just km whore the fucker(Buzzard has a point) and let the guys kill him. I warp Lilly and Gamble to the hit and I'll be a SOB, it's a open mission with a becon, we land 100km off of him, and he warps away.. FUCK!!!

We are sure he is coming back to finish his mission and if he does, I've decided ill take my rapier in to sneak up on his ass this time. Sure enough he is back in local, and talking like a dumbass. Ill have to get the chat log off my other PC, but it was something of the sort, the pirates are still here, ill see if they are still in my mission. So I grabbed my rapier and warped to his mission, ALLAH he is there, 50km off and has brought a rifter for backup!! OH SHIT!!! LOL!!
But he was burning towards his last NPC rat and faster than me, which was almost 100km off the warp in! Oh well, he did not know I was there, force recons ftw baby!!
I finally get into point range, decloak, lock, point, and dual web his ass. Call in the troops. They land 100km away as I fear =(. So I am alone with a 07 mission cyclone & rifter till help arrives. But wait, me and the rat are raping his fucking ass, LMAO!! I tell the guys hurry this dude is melting! And I can't stop shooting him because he is shooting me and I'm in a recon ship, not exactly a tank. Lilly gets in range just as he goes POP. Poor gamble didn't make it, but I grabbed the pod. And we tried to ransom it, but he said he only had 20 mil.. Have some good chats for that I will post later.

His bio simply says, Carebear for life.. And he is in FW?

Fan Mail..
2009.07.30 00:54
lol the toon was started in 07 on a trial account. didn't like the game so never went paid. picked it back up a month ago. Tongue btw, thanks for whover popped that bs, finished the mish for me.

2009.07.30 00:52
for the loot? And the corpse.. You are a 07 player you should have well over 100mill.. I do get my jollies off corpse btw.. Ill admit it..

rofl by asking a price I couldn't pay. But seriosly, what motivates someone to enjoy destroying something at no gain to themselves?

2009.07.30 00:47
I do enjoy it.. I have alot of bodies in my hanger.. I gave you the opp. to pay

2009.07.30 00:45
any particular reason for the podkill? or you just get your jollies that way

Monday, July 20, 2009

Babe of the Week!

How about I do a babe of the week? Pirates gotta have babes.

Esti Ginzburg

Joining Python and going blinky again..

Well a few month's ago I decided to leave The Tuskers, nothing personal, I enjoyed flying with them and really like the corp, but the pirate life was fucking expensive! I was selling GTC's and that was doing ok, but hurt the wallet. So I decided to get my sec status up and do some high sec PVP. After a one week stench in providence ratting, I joined Duty., a well known and highly skilled merc corp. Another top notch corp that I have nothing bad to say about, but the merc business was too much like work and I joined at a busy time.

So I said to hell with this and had a out of the blue offer to join a griefer corp close by full of highly skilled pilots, Wrecking Shots. TBH, I was a little skeptical of them, but they turned out to a awesome group and I had alot of fun flying with them. But out of all of this I was failing to make any isk, my alt was making a little, but not much. So I joined a 100% carebear corp, OMFG, what a fucking mistake, I won't go any further about this.. Stopping here..

FINALLY!!!! Now my alt is trading, building, and mining.. And making money!!! So now I can kill shit, and in eve there is no better way to log on and kill shit than PIRATING!!!! And since Python holds a dear spot in my heart, I called up Spec and begged him to let me in... After many hours on my knees I am back!!!!!

So I started blogging again...

No shit Sherlock. And I've decided to make my blog cool, mature, and open.. Fun huh! Oh and I I'm blinky again, yay.. But ill talk about that later..