Monday, November 30, 2009

2 carriers 1 system

We have decided to take a corp vacation to Yvangier since the whole Amamake area has become horribly blobby(Yes I know Amamake is blobby, but the surrounding systems have gotten much worse =P), and we seem to be having more fun in the essence & verge vendor areas now(Old Man Star area). So yesterday I finally got all the stuff I was going to move from egg to yvan, moved, moved! It turns out the Blood Money Cartel lives in the same system and are a little larger corp/alliance than us, but would appear to bring some good fights. Unlike DT. So far they don't just smack in local with their numbers and from my experience in EVE, I have no bad feelings towards BMC. In fact I think there CEO has done some good things for newer players as far as getting them started in piracy & PVP. So I look forward to some good fights with them and possible working with them to bust some FW losers!

Spec decided on BC roam with a rapier scout.
It was overall empty until we got into Dantumi, we found a couple a caracals jumping a myrmidon, so we decided to crash there party. Next we sent Necio the rapier pilot into Auro, the original stomping grounds of Python. The second he jumped in he said he had a carrier on scan's and no POS's. Then he said, "this fucking carrier is in a belt, i'm warping in". The next thing I remember is he had a point and we were warping to him. TBH, we didn't think about what we were doing and after we started killing all his fighters, we realized we didn't have enough DPS to break his tank, or if we did, we would run out of ammo. So we started calling for backup. IEATCRAYONS was able to reach former PC member, Lady Thanatos. LT brought his corp and friends with assorted BS's & BC's. Finally we had the DPS to bring the carrier down.
Unfortunately once the carrier hit deep armor the pilot decided to activate his self destruct! We had 2 minutes to kill him! I personally thought we were screwed out of another carrier kill! But I know within the last 10 seconds or so, he went BOOM! Spec tried to talk him out of self destructing, but he would not budge. We were very lucky, one ship less and we may have missed out. Big thanks to LT and friends for there help. Only 14 ships to kill a carrier!

2 carriers 1 system
But you said 2 carriers! Yea, we only killed one last night. But one of the first few days I was in PC. I logged in and saw one of the local pirate corps in our public channel screaming that a chimera was sitting on the Korama gate in Auro, any python members available with a BS? Me being a noob to piracy, I said, yup. Well a few minutes later, I had my cherry popped with a carrier kill.

So, yup, I LOVE AUROHUNEN!! 2 carriers 1 system!


Spectre said...

It's "their", not "there". Despite your lack of grammar prowess it was still a fun carrier kill. I can't believe how close were to his SD going off when he died... it must have literally been just a few seconds from popping and us not getting a KM.

f0st3r said...

Fixed my grammar master! You know I'm from the south and rely on Firefox for my spelling and grammar. =P

I wonder if my logs show his countdown? It had to be seconds, just knew we were screwed.

Yargok said...

What is it with silly carriers these days.. last night there were one at a gate. :)

And yes, it is a refreshing change to have a corp that does not chestbeat and claim superior pvp skills just because they outnumber you 10:1 :)