Friday, July 31, 2009

Babe of the Week! #2

Since im late, you get 2 pics.. And good ones I think.. Enjoy beautiful Nina Crewson..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carebear for life

I was off work yesterday so I logged on a non-usual time for me, around 3pm my time? Dunno. No biggie.. Saw a couple of neutrals in system and a 1 month old dock in station just as I logged on, I said humm, these dudes usually are running indys im gonna undock my broadsword and gank his ass. I hope in my broads and undock. Do my usual 360 scan and see a cyclone on scan with 3 hammerhead 1's. Humm. Narrowed him down to a mission and relayed it to my corp m8's, they said he has been in and outta gulm all day doing missions. I say to myself, ya'll have permitted this carebear shit to go on, well not on my watch!

I dock the Hictor up and grab my buzzard and get to probing , I spread my probes and scan. After a few min's probing I get a hit and warp my fleet to the target. Why? I'm in a buzzard? We'll I have lost targets by a matter of minutes before, so I'll just km whore the fucker(Buzzard has a point) and let the guys kill him. I warp Lilly and Gamble to the hit and I'll be a SOB, it's a open mission with a becon, we land 100km off of him, and he warps away.. FUCK!!!

We are sure he is coming back to finish his mission and if he does, I've decided ill take my rapier in to sneak up on his ass this time. Sure enough he is back in local, and talking like a dumbass. Ill have to get the chat log off my other PC, but it was something of the sort, the pirates are still here, ill see if they are still in my mission. So I grabbed my rapier and warped to his mission, ALLAH he is there, 50km off and has brought a rifter for backup!! OH SHIT!!! LOL!!
But he was burning towards his last NPC rat and faster than me, which was almost 100km off the warp in! Oh well, he did not know I was there, force recons ftw baby!!
I finally get into point range, decloak, lock, point, and dual web his ass. Call in the troops. They land 100km away as I fear =(. So I am alone with a 07 mission cyclone & rifter till help arrives. But wait, me and the rat are raping his fucking ass, LMAO!! I tell the guys hurry this dude is melting! And I can't stop shooting him because he is shooting me and I'm in a recon ship, not exactly a tank. Lilly gets in range just as he goes POP. Poor gamble didn't make it, but I grabbed the pod. And we tried to ransom it, but he said he only had 20 mil.. Have some good chats for that I will post later.

His bio simply says, Carebear for life.. And he is in FW?

Fan Mail..
2009.07.30 00:54
lol the toon was started in 07 on a trial account. didn't like the game so never went paid. picked it back up a month ago. Tongue btw, thanks for whover popped that bs, finished the mish for me.

2009.07.30 00:52
for the loot? And the corpse.. You are a 07 player you should have well over 100mill.. I do get my jollies off corpse btw.. Ill admit it..

rofl by asking a price I couldn't pay. But seriosly, what motivates someone to enjoy destroying something at no gain to themselves?

2009.07.30 00:47
I do enjoy it.. I have alot of bodies in my hanger.. I gave you the opp. to pay

2009.07.30 00:45
any particular reason for the podkill? or you just get your jollies that way

Monday, July 20, 2009

Babe of the Week!

How about I do a babe of the week? Pirates gotta have babes.

Esti Ginzburg

Joining Python and going blinky again..

Well a few month's ago I decided to leave The Tuskers, nothing personal, I enjoyed flying with them and really like the corp, but the pirate life was fucking expensive! I was selling GTC's and that was doing ok, but hurt the wallet. So I decided to get my sec status up and do some high sec PVP. After a one week stench in providence ratting, I joined Duty., a well known and highly skilled merc corp. Another top notch corp that I have nothing bad to say about, but the merc business was too much like work and I joined at a busy time.

So I said to hell with this and had a out of the blue offer to join a griefer corp close by full of highly skilled pilots, Wrecking Shots. TBH, I was a little skeptical of them, but they turned out to a awesome group and I had alot of fun flying with them. But out of all of this I was failing to make any isk, my alt was making a little, but not much. So I joined a 100% carebear corp, OMFG, what a fucking mistake, I won't go any further about this.. Stopping here..

FINALLY!!!! Now my alt is trading, building, and mining.. And making money!!! So now I can kill shit, and in eve there is no better way to log on and kill shit than PIRATING!!!! And since Python holds a dear spot in my heart, I called up Spec and begged him to let me in... After many hours on my knees I am back!!!!!

So I started blogging again...

No shit Sherlock. And I've decided to make my blog cool, mature, and open.. Fun huh! Oh and I I'm blinky again, yay.. But ill talk about that later..