Friday, February 26, 2010

My EVE Wishlist..

I have noticed a lot of people have there eve wish list, a list of changes they would like to the overall game itself.

I personally have my own.

-Boost low sec rewards! Make it more profitable to be in low sec than high sec, I mean really, it should be a no brainier and pretty easy for the devs. You are a moron if you move to low sec to make more isk!

-GCC Timers. I waist 15min after every engagement because of this shit. For what? So the damn sentry's can shoot me, I'm already blinky. Its not like the fight is worth the 15min timer nowadays, the way this game is now, you get blobbed or blob, thus the engagement last about 1 min tops!
Turn this shit off for players with a -5 sec status in low sec please.

-Self destruct=No Insurance! Easy fix, too many dumb ass pilots self destruct there ship when they are getting beat by a inferior force, because they won't have any evidence of there fail. They know by SD, they get insurance and the attackers get nothing, no loot and no killmail. Spend 15mins killing a carrier, then he decides to Self Destruct, more time wasting in EVE due to poor game mechanics.

-Fix Minmatar recons! The web nerf sucked ass IMHO. But you also nerfed a 150m+ T2 ship. Give the recons a web strength bonus please.

-TRASH FW! FW was possibly the worst idea in eve history. None of these faggots even give a shit about FW plex's, missions, or WT's. They blob/bait pirates and run from the other faction. If they are not doing that, they are farming the missions for the ships & standings, and never fight the other faction.

-Session timers are gay! I totally understand aggro timers, I have no beef with them. But what pisses me off is when I dock in station, wait 30 seconds to switch ships, switch to my new ship, wait 30 more seconds, then undock. I don't ever expect this to be changed, but its another stupid game mechanic wasting time.

That is all I can think of now and if you don't like my list, then fuck off.
Thank You!

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