Monday, May 24, 2010

Retiring A Ship...

I don't know if anyone has actually done that in eve? It might sound kinda silly? BUT I have had the SAME vagabond, yes the exact same vaga since I have been able to fly them, in fact it still has large rigs on it. Well just the other day I was telling some of my corp mates about that, and some were shocked that a PVP ship has lasted that long since the patch. They told me to store it, I decided it deserved to be retired!

But not only has this ship lasted that long, it is has accumulated 100 kills! Yes 100 kills with the same ship(Number 101, was the new vaga =P)! I think that is a pretty good service record for a PVP ship so I decided to retire her in Jita 4-4.

We have been in many close calls, good fights and long roams. Its final kill was grumpy Russian raven war target that we caught on a gate. So from this day forward, this ship shall not be used in any further combat actions and shall only be removed from station to be cleaned, space mites killed, WD-40 applied, and excess rust removed.

In rust we trust.


Spectre said...

What the fuck. Where is my babe of the week?

Flashfresh said...

Indeed. BotW please. Oh, nicely done on the vaga with the large rigs. I bet you can probably scam someone for mucho isk on this one...

f0st3r said...

Good idea on the scam Flash, it would be hard for me to part with this ship, but for the right amount I might do it.

BOTW is coming soon. But not for the pole smoking Spectre, =P

Andrea skye said...

Haha I was talking about something similiar the other day.

I still have a bunch of dudes on my friends list from my first few months in EvE. People who killed me and I swore revenge! I never did kill any of them, because I couldnt find them (I didnt know about locator agents or anything back then)

When those people log on it reminds me how lame I used to be. I was such a carebear :D

But my point is, you would be suprised at how many high sec dudes actualy pay attention to thier kill rights. They have high sec status' for a reason. And that reason is: they dont PvP much. So they remember any fights that they have as thier rare.