Wednesday, June 23, 2010

EVE= Skill Training Online?

With every new patch, CCP releases new content that is usually worthless or nerf's a fun part of the game. There are SO many broken game mechanics that need serious attention, lag issues, and plain pve content. Yet they choose to add planetary interaction or new sov mechanics. When people want fixes for FW, fixes for RR aggression in both High/Low Sec, LAG, among MANY other things.

I saw a good future for this game when Apocrypha hit, it brought T3 ships, wormholes, small-medium rigs, training queue, and other minor additions. All EXCELLENT additions to the game.

Dominion was kinda bleh with sov. changes and the added lag.

Tryagains was a total disaster, they broke contacts to all hell, lag is even worse, PI is a waist of time, the calendar is OK, 1 new ship model? seriously?

During all of these patches they have nerfed a lot of ships/items/things(d-scanner, deep safes), and boosted most notably faction ships and projectile weapons(was needed).

So I ask, what is CCP doing for the veteran players? Not what we are asking for, we want the game fixed, they want silly new features for marketing.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this game is a time sink. And not a particularly fun one at that!
You can spend hours looking for a fight in this game and find nothing, something, crap, or rarely, fun. I usually log on and look at the clock, do some roaming, look at the clock to see I just spent 2 hours and have done absolutely nothing. No more..

So I think since I just bought a gtc, I will play skill training online. I chose not to renew my alt's account when the last patch hit and shit was so broken, so when fosters account runs dry I will not add time to it. I see ALOT of people doing the same on SHC, because they are hoping the game gets fixed one day, and they have the isk to keep buying time cards. I don't have the isk to keep buying them, but I will keep the account and toon incase they do fix the game.

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Flashfresh said...

Yeah - some of the latest patches have been questionable...