Monday, August 31, 2009

Whats up?

Well I was going to post about the Kenny assassination, but since Spec and the rest of my corp mates summed it up pretty well, I will leave it alone. Actually, I had started writing about it and just didn't have the time to finish.

But anyways, Egghelende, so we have moved into egg. Since we set a campaign on our KB, EP has done the same. So, I have also done the same on mine. AND we have drastically affected there kills in Egg, and boosted ours. LOL!
Egg is a funny place, pretty much everyday when I log on, there is some kinda smack in local between somebody, mostly us and EP. I think it's funny as hell how some corps have strick rules on letting there corp members even talk in local, much less smack. Python is pretty lax on this, why? BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!! JESUS!! Really, some corps want people to act professional, serious, honest.. Really? Is that fun? Nope.

But Python is a pretty layed back have fun bunch. Personally I don't know much about Ken Plante, I have heard him on our vent a few times in the past and have talked with some of his past/current members. He does seem like a dick in game, tells people what skills to train, ships to fly, how to fit them, etc. I guess that is how some people get there virtual power trip. I dunno, don't care.
I think he has standing corp orders not to engage us unless he is online to FC. We(me, felix, and skye) busted big mouth Mash and JR while they were fighting a little gang in a Safe Spot yesterday. The little gang ran, so I chased Mash in his cane until he ran out of cap, then he ran. Even though I was pulled away from my gang, I still wanted to catch his ass. Mostly because I saw he was in a nano shield cane, and if I would have caught that fail fit piece of shit, I would have ripped it apart in my armor cane. Oh well, we got some tears in local for busting up there party.
Other than capital docking games, this is about all the action we have gotten out of EP. I'm sure that will change, they are not stupid, they pick there fights well and are just waiting till they are 100% sure they will win.
But not the Lemmings.. We fight because we think we can and we are LEMMINGS!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why do I have a Broadsword?

So Why? I have a story first..
Just the other day in gulm I undocked my broadsword, usual procedure when I plan to gank some noob who docks in my station without the proper authorization, he must pay the penalty. I gank them all, whether its a noobship or a hauler. They all have the possiblity for hate mail, or anything.
[19:07:18] Luc Don > I'm actually hunting Bfoster. He just killed my Mammoth.

Back to the subject, why have a broadsword asks a corp mate? This is not 0.0, you can't pop a bubble. True I said..

Well, I will point you first to this post in C&P on the EVE-O forums. Post
This carebear thinks you need +2 warp stabs in low sec/0.0. And just the other day me, Felix, and Lach were hunting in Amamake. Not once but twice we missed targets because they were stabbed. Thus making the broadsword a valuable asset.

Second, the tank..

Third, Wormholes.. 0.0 access in empire, with carebears. Enough said.

Now I will point you to my killboard, Ships & Weapons Used , almost 80 kills with the broads, and only lost one(knock on wood). Loss was a tarp in a wh, but was fun as hell.
All high/low sec/wh kills. 80-1 for a ship that has had its use questioned! Not too bad..

I have caught a many stabbed ships with it, many of them bragging they are stabbed. The extended point range is also a huge bonus. So, how could a pirate NOT love a ship with a extended infinite point, and a super tank?

Note: This post was simply to publicity show my love for my broadsword, I love you baby. May we have a long relationship.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Babe of the Week! #3

Guess what, its FRIDAY!!! And time for the babe of the week.. (why do I think this is the only reason why you horny pervs visit my blog?) Ne ways, enjoy Justene Jaro!
On a side note I canned Intense Debate comments, sorry. They were broke.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

EVE fishing? Rant warning..

It was a few days ago I logged into the station in gulm as usual. Gulm is a fairly quite system, which I like. Around it is not!
Amamake is blob land, mostly non-blinkys that don't know the meaning of solo pvp live in there and think they are hot shit. They stick a bait ship in a belt hoping a pirate(who is usually alone or has very little backup)will attack him so they can gank him, ultimately boosting there e-peen.
Most of the time it is FW players, because I have learned Minmatar/Amarr FW don't plex?, so I ask why? There usual answer, "we were waiting for a fw gang, you showed up at the wrong time"(Just be honest and say we are dumb fucks who don't know shit, but yes fc, orbit, f1, f2, f3, etc).
Whatever, FW fights do not usually occur in belts, they occur on gates and in fw plex's(but they don't plex). I spent alot time in Caldari/Gallente FW space, and those guys actually plexed, and I very rarely found ANY of them "baiting" in a belt, with a blob on standby. I did find large gangs on gates often, but I never found them baiting in a belt. This not only happens in Amamake, but the surrounding systems, which sucks! Because you see a ship in a belt, a reasonable amount of people in local, and you want to move in for the kill. BOOM, local spike, is it just the random fw gang passing by or is it bait? Its bait, shit.. GTFO.. Too late.. Pod time.. Lame..

Another occurrence, which was too obvious, me and a couple of corp m8's were sitting in station when a hostile pilot from a neighboring system came into local and docked with us. He immediately undocked, knowing this guy is not a hauler, I smelled something "fishy". I had also noticed a few unfriendly pilots quickly pass through local just a few minutes earlier, also indicating trouble. Lilly said that he was going to undock his domi to check it out and I promptly told him not to return fire if fired upon, that this smelled of a trap.
Sure enough he was sitting outside station in a mega waiting for us, he promptly locked Lilly and opened fire, Lilly docked right up as I told him too. I have seen this too many times in high sec wars. So I undocked my vaga, Lilly undocked right behind me. I smashed my microwarp drive the instant I undocked and locked him when I hit 50km, and engaged!
My 220mm Vulcan Autocannons rained fire on him for 0 damage!
Nope, he was not blinky and nope Lilly did not engage, I was under sentrys but this is exactly what I wanted. Being the poor bait that he was, he called in his troops, I laughed, why? Because I was 50km away in a vagabond and Lilly was safe on the station and had not engaged. He had NOTHING!! What a moron! Sure enough multiple battleships/battlecruisers arrived to find Lilly docking and me leaving safely. Smack commenced in local after I lol'd @ them. We killed nothing but I got much satisfaction knowing that I had pissed on the hornets nest and didn't get stung.

Why do I bring this up? This seems to be the constant in eve now, bait with a noob corp player, or sit solo in a belt alone, bring in the blob to gank... But its like fishing, if the bait is tasty enough, you will get a bite.. So is it win? Does everyone really think need to bait to get a fight? Or is it just the area? You decided.